Interested in Fostering?


Most of our cats and kittens are in our primary foster homes. Sometimes we do have a cat or kitten that would do better in a foster home with one or two or maybe just a couple of other cats or kittens.

Can you help us with that?

For fostering, Purr Paws Rescue covers the veterinary expenses and the foster home provides the basic care supplies such as food, water, litter, and toys. Purr Paws Rescue has, on occasion, provided food and litter to a home that is willing to foster but would otherwise be unable to do so due to money issues.

If you are willing to foster, please fill out the Online Foster Questionairre or the Printable Foster Questionairre and submit it.
One of our volunteers will get back in touch with you soon.


Do you need to surrender a cat or kitten?

Please fill out the information on the contact information page.   Email (the contact information will send us an email) can work better often times, because we can respond to emails at almost any time of day.  For phone calls, the time of day we can call is limited.

If we do not have space in one of our primary foster homes, we will ask you about fostering the cat or kitten at your home while we are looking for a new family for the cat or kitten. Or until there is room in one of our primary foster homes or in the adoption center.